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Alliance Code of Conduct

December 16th, 2014 @ 16:31

Almost Broken is focus on PvP activities, all operations are designed with that in mind, financing our PvP obsession is the second most important activity, expect many operatons of that nature.

Our goal is to create a small to medium sized alliance with strong combat capabilities, we do not aim for high numbers, but quality corporations and pilots, team play and cooperation.

Please be aware we follow an NRDS (not red don't shoot) policy.


We expect all corporations to adopt the minimum requirements.

  • No trial accounts
  • No recent red employment history
  • We recommend a minimum of 10m skill points
  • PVP experience is a plus
  • Willing to relocate
  • Willing to use voice comms (teamspeak/mumble)
  • A full API key must be provided
  • FC is god, any grievances should be taken up after an operation.

Corporation Requirements

  • No 1 man corps, corporations should have a minimum of 10 members with a decent amount of pilot activity.
  • No recent red alliance history, or hostile activities against other NRDS entities.

What we will offer you

  • Members are promoted and rewarded based on their efforts
  • Members have to respect the chain of command
  • Members are expected to participate in alliance activities, be sociable and friendly. Greet your fellow alliance members when you login etc, this goes along way, try to get to know each other.
  • Free ships and ship replacement program
  • FREE plex each month to the pilot we feel is most dedicated to our cause during that period

General alliance rules

  • No pirate activities, we are NRDS.
  • No scamming, stealing, agressing neutrals, etc.
  • Attacking ships that are not set red is forbidden.
  • If neutrals attack you, defend yourself, then report the incident to management
  • Smack talking in local is forbidden
  • Expect to loose ships
  • Ships lost during operations will be replaced or reimbursed
  • Ensure your overview is setup correctly, if you are unsure - ask.

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