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December 16th, 2014 @ 13:52

We would like to announce the development of FLEET KOS Checker, a tool to be utilised by NRDS entities based in Providence. Please note this is a Windows based tool which has been completely developed in C# and requires .net framework 4.5, the emphasis here was speed.

Not another KOS Checker?

The tool is based on the original by SOUND, and the follow-up by Yulai Federation's Rounon Dax. The current [excellent] tool devleoped in Java by Rounon currently does KOS lookups by typing "xxx" into the local chat window, FLEET KOS Checker works by typing either the name of your target pilot/corp/alliance in to the checker and hitting a button to find the results; there is also a quicker method by copying the list of pilots in local by selecting the first pilot and holding control down to select additional pilots - presseding CTRL+C to copy the pilots to your clipboard and then hitting CTRL+Z will automatically cause the KOS Checker to paste the results in to the tool and check them automatically.

We have spent many sleepless nights getting the algorithm for checking KOS status to to work, the following is currently supported:

  • checking pilot KOS status, this also checks last known npc corp.
  • checking corp KOS status
  • checking alliance KOS status

Technical aspects how it works

  • The target entity is checked against CVA (results cached for one hour, or until program exits).
  • If target entity is found, results are retrieved.
  • If the target entity is a pilot and the pilot is a member of an NPC corp, the last non-npc corp is checked.
  • Results downloaded from CCP are cached (on times specified by CCP) and saved locally as xml.
  • If an entity is not found, we first check with CCP to see if it's a pilot, corp or alliance. The pilot,corp and alliance is then checked against CVA
  • Sound is supported.
  • Pilots can be marked locally as hot droppers by right clicking
  • A link to killboard is provided on right click

We are still very much at testing stages with this tool and have lots of features and plans to implement, any feedback is highly appreciated.

Cool, where can I get it?

The latest version of FLEET KOS Checker can be downloaded from here.

Last Update: 31/12/14 @20:00

Build Number (click help+about): 1.0.5478.35828

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